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Upcoming Events-(Soflo Skate Series)


We like to keep all of our community involved and up to date with what is going on. This page is specific to holding upcoming events information. 

Miami Skate Academy

--Soflo Skate Series--

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16 and Under



Skate Contest Rules

Ages 6-16

Divisions Beginner and Advanced

(Beginner = Skating less than 2 years)

(Advanced = Skating more than 2 years)

Leaderboards for Male and Female will be scored/judged separately

Street Section: 90 Second runs (2 times)

Time Trial: Fastest time wins

Mini Ramp or Quarter Pipe: Game of S.K.A.T.E & Best Run

Skate Ramps Rentals Provided by Miami Skate Ramps

Music/Food/Good times


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