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Miami Skate Academy - Yoint County Skateboarding Academy History

Our team has been skateboarding for over a decade, we love this lifestyle and have created a skateboarding academy where we teach others our craft. This is how it all started; We came up with an idea to make our very own Yoint Skate Wax, which was a hit. We created a fundamental product that every skateboarder needs. Yoint County's vision of joining our communities was coinciding, and this led to the development of a skate events/contests. In doing so, it reinforced how close we can bring the skate community and show how radiant Miami skateboarding really is. Here is where parents began to ask us to teach their children


Our inventory expanded once again to “Yoint Hardware” and “Yoint Shirts”. During our monthly skateboarding events/competitions, we award products to those who bring out the best in each other. Product giveaways are decided not only by the “best” skater but also by the “best” attitude, and their contribution to the skateboarding culture. 


We aim to cultivate our community together. 


“Strength in Numbers”. 

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